India As A Medical Tourism Destination

Published On - 23 Sep, 2019

India As A Medical Tourism Destination

Our wonderful country is a treasury of health, as it had been for thousands of years. India’s history in medicine dates back to the “Atharva Veda” — the first Indian text dealing with medicine.

India’s medical history is truly inspiring with its traditional treatment therapies such as the “Ayurveda and Yunani”, which have been passed down through hundreds of generations.

True to its history, Indian healthcare industry remains one of the best worldwide. In this day and age, the Indian medical and healthcare services are as good as anywhere in the world and in some cases better. A number of hospitals in India, are accredited by international institutes which offer premiere treatment at a rate almost 60 to 70 per cent less than it’s European or American counterpart .

The high skill level of the medical industry in India, combined with the lowest medical fee is what makes India such a great destination for healthcare serviceability.

India sees a huge influx of patients from around the world for varying medical procedures and treatments . With rising health care costs in developed countries like United States and United Kingdom along with rising inflation in these countries, patients who cannot afford such an expensive health care costs are seeking medical treatments in countries which offer same treatments at a very low cost . India is one country. Many celebrities, sportsmen & other people from western countries flock to India for the best and affordable medical care .

India is a hot spot for premier medical assistance and multi-specialty hospitals which deliver expertise care covering every major area like heart surgeries, dental care, cosmetic surgeries, valve replacements and many more .

The reason why the Indian medical industry is booming at a rapid rate : -

1- Huge cost savings -

Favorable currency exchange rate, low personnel cost, and government subsidies make the Indian Medical System highly cost-effective .

2- Highly Skilled Doctors -

The high quality of medical education in India and a high number of doctors with international experience in the US, UK or Europe. 

3- No Waiting Time -

Due to the large medical infrastructure, India medical system has mostly no waiting time as compared to most of the Western countries.

4- Internationally Accredited Hospitals -

All hospitals in India are either JCI accredited, which means the infrastructure and quality of care is at par with US standards or have ISO, NABH or reputed accreditation.

5- Advanced equipment -

Indian hospitals have access to the latest and the most advanced medical equipment's required to perform complex treatments or surgeries.

6- No or Less Insurance Coverage -

People with no or less insurance coverage who cannot afford to pay the healthcare expenses in their own country choose to go to other countries for affordable medical treatment.

7- Accommodation -

Affordable accommodation in India as compared to other countries and easy accessibility, making it easy to get quality treatment for many patients from different countries.

8- Relaxed visa rules -

The Indian government offers a “visa on arrival “ services for medical patients

9- No Language Barrier -

English is the second most spoken language in India and therefore it is very easy for you to communicate your way through in India.